Prevention Education for All

Our courses communicate the most current health and safety information related to COVID-19. While information for this particular virus continually develops, the science behind infectious disease control is relevant for many viruses – from common cold to pandemics – and should be adhered to moving forward. Additionally, all rules and guidance from municipal, provincial/state, and federal government bodies must be followed.

Upon completion of the course and exam, individuals receive a Prevention Standards™️ COVID-19 Prevention Certificate. The certificate validates compliance, verifying the individual has successfully completed the course and understands the prevention protocols set forth. Business leaders may request a copy of the certificate or confirm its validity. Also available is a workplace certificate – an excellent way to demonstrate commitment to the health and safety of those you employ and service – attained when all employees have obtained their individual certificates.

Courses are offered for all at-risk industries and may be completed individually or as part of an organization. Tailored courses may be developed.

Courses For Your Team

Bulk packages available for employers and their teams.